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About us

MVI AudioVisual is a leading solution provider in the automation of conference systems and camera systems.

Since our founding in 2010, we have focused ourselves on designing software solutions for use in meetings where conference systems are used. By listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we are able to develop market-leading software. With more than 10 years of experience, our solutions for meetings and events are simple to understand an easy to use.

Our solutions are proudly used in the Irish, Mexican, Indian, Hungarian, Liechtenstein and Monaco parliaments. You can find us in different counties and local councils in The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, UK and more…..

Our products are extremely flexible and versatile, in order to suit high profile events like the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, the NATO Summit 2018 in Brussels and the NATO Military Committee Conference 2019 in Ljubljana.

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Our solutions and products

Our product range is split-up between our conference system control software EasyConf, and our camera control and 4K displaying software EasyCam.These solutions work in perfect harmony when used together, sharing the same user interface and allows hall displaying to be mixed with live camera footage.


Further, we offer a unique solution that allows delegates to join the conference system remotely.

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Conference systems control

Conferences and meetings using conference systems are usually complicated to prepare and manage. Our Conference Systems Control software will help you during preparation and managing the conference. We made our software extremely easy to use.
With our Conference systems control software you have a set of intelligent tools to prepare, manage, control and report your meetings with the touch of a finger.

Local governments or big international meetings? We give you the control you need to make it successful.

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Automated camera control

Your meeting or conference controlled and broadcasted in HD or 4K quality. No operator needed, our innovative automated camera tracking system works with all leading camera suppliers. Participants, voting results, agendas, presentations can automatically be displayed in multi-, split-screen or picture-in-picture. Extra info is automatically added to each speaker, like speaking time, delegate name and political party.
Let us help to broadcast your council, parliament or conference meeting.

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Customized delegate UI

Used at the Nuclear Security Summit in 2014, the parliaments of Wallonia, Hungary and Sri-Lanka:
We offer our own Bosch Multimedia android app which completely replaces the ‘standard’ user interface on the MMD device.

Our app simplifies the use of the conference system for the meeting delegates. The chairman/operator can control whether all delegates are looking at the live video, welcome screen or the current agenda. When a voting session is started, the only thing the delegate can do is to cast their vote and watch the voting taking place, without being distracted by all the other ‘default’ MMD features.

Remote participation

We give you the most user-friendly way to allow remote delegates to participate in council meetings: By making the remote participant part of the meeting as if they are physically in the room. All information about our newly created remote participation solution can be found on a dedicated page:

EasyConf Connect page

The Parliament required several unique sets of features, that’s why we used MVI EasyConf and EasyCam software as always in the past

Krisztián Tolvaj - AVIO MEDIA

By using the EasyConf and EasyCam software we managed to replace most of the control and switching hardware with a single flexible, powerful, and easy to use software solution which runs on a single workstation.

Christiaan Benting, Power Sound Facilitair

We are the #1 provider in conference systems and meeting automation software. Parliaments, major and minor cities all choose our solutions. How may we help you with your installation?

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