We completely emulate a conference system microphone unit:

  • If a remote participant presses their virtual microphone button, his/her voice become part of the conference system audio. for everyone to hear.
  • When speaking, their webcam video becomes the live speaker for everyone to see.
  • When voting, their voting result is registered and recorded for everyone to see. It doesn’t matter for our software if the speaker is remotely present, or present in the hall.
  • If the person is in the hall, then a conference system microphone is used. When its microphone is enabled, a dome camera will show the speaker. The conference unit can be used to cast votes.
  • If this person would be participating from a remote location, the webcam feed will be used and the webcam microphone is used. And our software can be used to cast votes. If the remote delegate was already allocated on a conference system seat, it will be automatically removed from that seat when logging in from remote.
  • For the chairman, the audience, the recoding and live-stream system and the conference and voting system there is no difference: All will look and work the same if the person is either remotely present or participating in the hall.

That is what we call Easy!