MVI AudioVisual Software Suite 11.0

11 March 2024

After months of development it was truly time for a new MAJOR version. The list in our release notes is longer than ever before and here are some highlights.

Dedicated for meeting preparation and metadata events.

🔸 Semi-automatic camera control
Designed for rental companies that have technicians on site during big events, who need to manage many cameras presets in a short amount of time.

🔸 EasyConf Connect improvements
The browser client got a major update, regarding quality (video/audio) and performance. All apps are updated as well (Windows/Mac and App store and Play store). We’ve introduced a new server landing page for better UX for end users. We’ve worked on more translations.

🔸 Additional features for Control
New filters on lists, new possibilities for multilingual agenda management, the all new camera seats preset list and more

🔸 Improvements for conference systems
We’ve worked on stability and additional improvements for all the conference systems we support.

🔸 Speech time profiles
EasyConf has great features for managing and displaying speech time. In the new speech time profiles you can define the distribution of speech time among the participants.

🔸 New Template set
An all new template set for Control. It is build with a more minimalistic and flexible approach.

In our online knowledge base you can find all instructions regarding the use of our software and its features.