Support added for NDI video sources and PTZ control

12 July 2021

EasyCam now supports NDI!

In the recently introduced MVI AudioVisual Software Suite 10.5, we added support for NDI video sources to our products. Besides SDI video ingestion through Blackmagic capture cards or direct video ingestion through H.264 and H.265 streams, we can now directly ingest video sources through NDI.

At the same time we also add NDI PTZ camera control, compatible with our automated camera control system for conference systems.

How many NDI sources you can ingest simultaneously depends on the capacity of the CPU, while NDI sources can only be decoded on the CPU. With a modern CPU you can ingest up to four simultaneous 1080p60 NDI feeds. If you would like to use more cameras, we advise to use H.264 or H.265 streams directly, because we provide GPU acceleration for it. In that case you can go up to six 4K60 feeds or up to 24 1080p60 feeds.