New speech time possibilities with Bosch

20 September 2022

Since recent versions of Bosch Dicentis, it is possible to display the remaining speech time of a speaker on the microphone unit. This allows us to show the remaining speech times managed in EasyConf on the microphones too. Besides the possibilities that Bosch (our Integration Partner) offers, we add the following features regarding speech time:
– Individual speech times or group/party speech times
– Pause and resume speech timers
– Add/subtract time for individuals or groups
– Speech time presets, giving every individual or group a defined amount of time with a single click
– Exclude chairpersons / individual participants from speech time
– Show the speech time in the lower third of the video too
– Furthermore, with EasyConf Connect a remote participant is part of Dicentis request list and remaining speech time displaying. Referring to mister Parker in the image, who joint the conference system remotely through EasyConf Connect.