New: Integration with Televic D-Cerno

19 September 2022

From today our product suite fully integrates with Televic D-Cerno. This means you can add fully automated camera control and automated video switching to your project without the need to program anything yourself; instead just use EasyCam. EasyCam is our software based video ingestion and camera control product. It replaces a hardware video mixer and includes automated camera control out of the box.

Furthermore our product suite adds remote participation for D-Cerno, through EasyConf Connect and it adds (synoptic) microphone control, using EasyConf. Are you planning a new D-Cerno installation or does your client like to add camera control to their existing D-Cerno installation? Please reach out to us at

This new integration accomplishes the rest of the Televic portfolio, read more about our added value to the Televic products here: EasyConf and Televic